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Building Sequence: August 2022 Recap

Jake Bresnehan
Jake Bresnehan
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During August, Deano and I had a bit of a break so things slowed done a little, but the end of the month proved to be super productive and we are already well into our September tasks.

The major things from August were:

New mobile designs

These aren't implemented yet but we worked with a designer to give the app some polish and explore how some of the new features would fit into the existing flow. We are super happy with the result and hope to make a good dent in implementing them in the coming months.

Adding important features to the mobile We both feel that the mobile app is a major part of Sequence's future and we have started to fill the gaps. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to release the mobile features in August but, all going well, in the early part of September the first of many improvements should be available on the app stores.

New trial format

A few months ago I floated an idea of adjusting the way we should let users explore Sequence. When we softly launched Sequence, we started with a 30 day trial. We decided to go down this path as this is how most subscription based apps choose to structure themselves. The issue we found with the 30 day trial is sometimes people aren't in a place to start training during this period and we wanted to give those users the opportunity to explore Sequence in their own time.

So we adjusted the trial period to be action based. Now when you signup to Sequence, you get full access to all the features but we have limited the amount of workouts you can schedule to 50. This means you get to use Sequence at your pace, and if it ends up being something you enjoy using, then hopefully you'll keep supporting Sequence and continue to enjoy what it offers.

New Planner

This has been worked on for the last few months behind the scenes and we are super excited to finally start talking about it. Ever since releasing Sequence, we quickly realised that the initial planner was limited and people wanted more visibility and more depth; more metrics and more than a week-based view.

This was no easy task and required a complete rebuild of the planner, but we are super excited to share this with you in the coming weeks, so I'll hold off on the major details. 😬

That is another month done. The major learning from this month was that building Sequence isn't a short-term thing. There is so much to do, so much we want to do ,and we also have to get the life balance right. When I first started building Sequence, I thought I'd have a fully built app by the time climbing made its debut in the Olympics. I was wrong. But as the saying goes, all good things take time.

Hang tight and train hard!

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