9 Degree Gym Plans

Jake Bresnehan

Something that has been on the agenda for sometime is to expose the power of Sequence to a larger demographic of climbers. When the time was right everything fell into place but to get to this stage it took some time.

Sequence started as a desktop planning tool but over the last year has evolved into a cross-platform experience. Once we were happy with using Sequence on any medium we were willing to take the step and work with a gym to offer extra benefits to gym members.

Jack Masel, manager at 9 Degree Waterloo, had expressed interest in working with us to offer custom training plans that aligned with the 9 Degree grading scale. This idea resonated with us so we did some minor infrastructure adjustments and made it happen. The end result is something that we feel brings great value to the 9 Degree climbing community.  We are excited and think you'll love it!

How does it work?
With any 9 Degree membership purchase get access to a custom training plan tailored to your 9D colour level for 5 weeks completely FREE on the Sequence platform.

Simply scan the unique QR code found in your welcome email or on a card at the front desk of your local 9D.

Empower yourself to become a better climber 💪

You can find your local 9 Degree gym on their website.

Good luck with the training!