Biometrics & Menstrual Cycle Tracking

Jake Bresnehan

Recording biometric data regularly is a great way to monitor physical variables while you are training so that you can determine what is/isn't working and see how your training load is affecting other aspects of your health.

In Sequence we have developed an easy way to configure any number of biometric variables that you want to record daily and then easily record those measurements from your dashboard.

We have also made a dedicated biometrics view within the metrics section of the platform so after you have been recording values for long enough you will be able to gather some meaningful insights from your data. Here's a preview on what it will look like with a couple of months data in it:

Also during the early stages of development we worked closely with a few keen climbers to expand on the biometrics feature and added the ability for menstrual cycle tracking.

The aim of this feature is to help you plan your training throughout your cycle — you can schedule certain workouts when you anticipate your energy levels will be high and you can avoid scheduling a weekend trip to redpoint your long term project at a time when you anticipate your energy levels won't be cooperative. You know your own body better than anyone else!

From initial feedback, these two features have been a game changer. No new concepts but to have them bundled into the one platform has proved to be a winner with the current customer base. We are excited for you to feel the same way after using them.


If you are interested in helping shape and improve Sequence, please reach out as we are slowly opening up the doors to new users.