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Building Sequence: January - May 2023 Recap

Jake Bresnehan
Jake Bresnehan
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Main Improvements / Features

  • Reworked how you link goals from notes and milestones. This improvement brings goals more to the forefront of your mind which is something we believe is very important. Try this out today by creating a note in your planner and linking goals to it.
  • Bulk Add Workouts. We created a dedicated blog post that is worth a read.
  • The planner will now update in the background if you have completed workouts on the mobile app or in another browser tab.
  • Widgets. This was a massive undertaking. Read more about widgets.

Other Improvements

  • Reworked the global help button in the bottom right of the screen to give us more control.
  • Persistent planner state. Now if you set the planner to be either "week" or "month" it will be remembered for next time you visit the planner.
  • Planner navigation. Now when you scroll within the planner the navigation will stick to the top of the screen making it easier to navigate around.
  • Added the ability to right click a note or milestone within the planner to quickly delete it.
  • Added a rituals section to the settings page.
  • Notes, milestone and biometrics were reworked to be in a modal instead of a drawer. This aligns with the rest of the site to be more consistent.


  • Fixed widgets icon layout issue on the workouts page
  • Fixed the flow of the subscribe page
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