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Building Sequence: September - November 2022 Recap

Jake Bresnehan
Jake Bresnehan
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As always, this time of the year is hectic. So much so we have missed a few monthly recaps. This recap bundles in September, October and November.

The last three months has seen a lot of progress on the Sequence app with the major undertaking being the release of the new planner, which is the backbone of the app. Something we are extremely proud and excited about.

The nitty gritty:

We released the new planner

This was a pretty epic undertaking and was a heavily requested feature by many. I’m so glad we made time for this as it is the backbone of Sequence. We feel the new planner is pretty freaking awesome. Oh, and the additions we have in store, will make it even better.

Better experience when users reach the trial limit

In the early days of Sequence, when you had reached your trial limit you would be automatically logged out and you couldn’t see your past data. This felt very abrupt and kind of rude. We did some adjustments so now you are put into a “trial has ended state” with the ability to view all your data, download it and even delete your account.

Mobile App updates

The dedicated mobile app was in need of some attention so we dedicated much of October to attacking this. Developing for both iOS and Android has its challenges. Thankfully, we continued to jump over each hurdle and release a pretty solid update that sets us up to continue iterating. The main improvements to the app were:

  • New look and feel
  • Dark mode
  • Ability to view, edit and add notes
  • Enabled users to add an incomplete reason to a workout
  • Added the ability to delete an account
  • Performance enhancement
  • Also lots of clean up under the hood to enable us to roll out more improvements easier

Transitioned the majority of the platform emails to a third party

This sets the foundations to help us better onboard, engage, and nurture customers with ease. A lot of the interactions in the early days of Sequence was me sending out individual emails. It worked initially, but as we are growing we needed to adjust things. With this new setup we can automate and provide a better experience. So far it seems to be working well.

Mobile Web improvements

We are seeing more and more people use the site via a mobile web browser so we spent a few days improving the navigation and implementing a specific planner view for small screens. I can’t believe it took us this long to give it some attention. Still some work to be done, but the experience on a mobile phone in the browser is nicer now.

Some other miscellaneous things:

  • Timezone issues
  • Added a link from the activity modal to the original workout to see metrics quicker
  • Added the ability for coaches to be coached
  • Added milestones to the volume chart
  • Export your data

9 Degrees Collaboration

Last, but not least. Just a few days ago we released the 9 Degree gym plans. This is something that has been in the works for quite some time and we are super pumped about it. We will do a dedicated post about the ins and outs, but basically, if you have a valid 9 Degree gym membership you can access a 1 month training plan that is designed to suit the climbers ability. These plans are also available to Sequence subscribers. We have been wanting to do this for sometime and to see it live is super exciting.

At Sequence we are extremely excited on what we have built so far, but the more we build, the more we realise things are only just starting. The roadmap is a bit daunting but we will continue to chip away, improve existing features, build new ones and make the product more and more robust.

Making the time to write these updates always seem a bit hard, but every time I’m summarising the recent things that we have worked on, it makes me even more proud and excited for what the future holds.

Good luck with the training!

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