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Full Tilt Training Plan

Jake Bresnehan
Jake Bresnehan
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Having the Full Tilt training plan developed but Climb Strong on Sequence is super exciting. This plan is one of the most popular Climb Strong plans and having it available on the Sequence platform takes it to the next level.

This training plan consists of 3 or 4 days per week and is broken down into 3 distinct 4 week blocks of training. The first 4 weeks is a base phase, the second 4 weeks focuses on building capacity and the third is performance focused.

The training is divide between two major categories, strength and energy system development. In each phase, your training will include elements of both types, and your climbing will reflect the goals of the phase.

The aim of this plan is to improve overall single-pitch rock climbing performance.

Plan Overview

  • 12 weeks
  • 3/4 days per week
  • Videos & notes explaining each exercise
  • 4 weeks of base training
  • 4 weeks of building capacity
  • 4 weeks of performance focused climbing
  • Flexible to suit your lifestyle

Each phase has a dedicated focus with the build phase requiring the most commitment.

Weekly Time Commitment:

  • Base Phase: 2 training days, 90-120 minutes per day. 2 rock days.
  • Build Phase: 3 training days, 90-180 minutes per day. 1 rock day.
  • Performance Phase: 2 training days, 30-60 minutes per day. 2/3 rock days.

Ready to improve your climbing?

Read more and purchase the plan here.

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