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Good Climbing Goals

Jake Bresnehan
Jake Bresnehan
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If you want to improve as a climber, being focused is a guaranteed way to see improvement.

Training with a goal in mind has a massive benefit, something that I would recommend to anyone.

Goals form a purpose of motivation and motivation is one of the biggest aspects of becoming better. Having goals makes it 110% easier to train and improve.

Why Set Goals?

Without goals, our training lacks structure and purpose. Time is wasted and our progression plateaus.

Taking the time to set goals creates a vision. It creates focus, desire, purpose and accountability. It is really that simple.

Having clearly-defined goals keeps us on track, making dreams achievable.

Good Goals

Goals come in all shapes and sizes, and just because you have goals doesn't mean they are good. Here are few suggestions to help create good climbing goals:

  • Keep it simple. Life is already pretty hectic.
  • Keep goals focused on what you want to achieve, not someone else's goals.
  • Keep it achievable. 9a before 9b :)
  • Limit the amount of goals you have. Focus on what is most important to you and get that done.
  • Focus on goals that build on each other. Stack your goals.
  • Align your goals with your environment.

In the event of committing to a goal but later realising it isn't actually something that you want to commit to, don't be afraid to modify or cancel your goal. Life throws curve balls all the time. Adapt, move on and get stuck into what makes you motivated.

Achieving goals requires a large amount of effort, determination and sacrifices, but the reward is life long.

You won't achieving goals everyday so make sure you take the time to celebrate, reflect and refresh your mind before tackling new ones.

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