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Jake Bresnehan
Jake Bresnehan
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What if you had better ways of gaining more insights into your climbing? At Sequence we believe in giving all climbers the tools to help learn and become better; this is why we continue to invest our time into the metrics section of Sequence.

Today we're super excited to announce we have given the metrics section some super powers to allow you to view your data in new ways.

Some of the cool things:

  • Added the ability to change any graph's duration. What does the last 180 days of training look like for you?
  • If you have planned into the future, we now give you an option to see the break down of that in the volume graph 🔥
  • Display incomplete / missed workouts on the volume graph. Been "forgetting" your core workouts you promised yourself you'd do? You can't hide from that anymore! 😉
  • Menstrual cycle start date markers are added to all graphs. Help notice patterns in your training in relation to the start of your cycle
  • Milestone markers are added to all graphs. See what you were training before ticking that project!
  • Manage the order and which custom measures and biometrics are visible 🤩
  • You can now directly edit custom measures or biometrics values without leaving the graph you are viewing

Oh and whilst we were deep in some rework we decided to take the menstrual cycle feature to the next level. The main changes being:

  • Different cycle stages are highlighted in your planner to help visualise when you might want to focus of different things
  • Add notes on any day about how you are feeling

We will be adding even more customisations for this in the near future, but we're psyched about these extra features and hope you find them useful!

We understand this is very important information to help some users plan their training throughout their cycle. At Sequence we are committed to making the best climbing training platform possible. These features are something we are super proud of - hopefully it is helpful 😊

Click here to see a demo of the new features →

Big thanks to all the customers that provided feedback to help shape these new features. Keep it coming!

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