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Jake Bresnehan
Jake Bresnehan
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A significant stage or event in the development of something.

Over the next months we aim to share some of the unique features Sequence has to offer and a little behind the scenes of why we developed them. To kick things off, let's talk about milestones.

In my head, Milestones was one of the features that I really wanted and convinced me that a digital platform was the future in climbing training. It is also something that I wish I had had throughout my climbing life.

In Sequence, we think of milestones as markers in something significant. Generally, we tend to associate our current ability with what we are sending. Unfortunately this isn't always the best way to measure progression. You may run out of climbs to send. Your circumstance might change. You may have completed all the hard local climbs, or your priorities change. This is where milestones come in.

A milestone can be anything that you think represents progression or is noteworthy to track.

Adding a milestone in Sequence gives you the power of working out what you were doing to achieve that milestone and to help learn, replicate or progress.

Examples of milestones:

  • Personal best on the hangboard
  • Sent a hard moonboard problem
  • You just felt amazing - awesome day at the crag
  • You repeated a climb
  • You sent your project
  • Basically anything that is noteworthy 🎉

By utilising the milestone feature in Sequence, you gain a greater insight into what you have done to be in that particular shape. As climbing is a complex sport, a feature like this helps reduce the guess work.

Having used the milestones feature for over 8 months, I have already discovered some interesting patterns and personal insights. I think you'll find value in this feature too!

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