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Moonboard Benchmark Buster Plan

Jake Bresnehan
Jake Bresnehan
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We are super psyched to introduce a new training plan designed specifically to help you level up your Moonboard game, and become a stronger climber in the process.

The Benchmark Buster plan has been developed by Lee Cujes. Lee has become well known as an avid Moonboard frother, and is part of the secret society of benchmark moderators.

This plan can be adapted to almost any climbing level. For those who are a bit unsure about the Moonboard, or training boards in general, this plan will help show you exactly what to do with your sessions, as well as providing supplementary (non-Moonboard) training that will support what you are doing on the board. Get stronger, stay injury free.

Plan Overview

  • 5 weeks or 10 weeks — you choose
  • Moonboard session plans, adaptable to your level
  • Volume and projecting sessions
  • Supplementary training
  • Fingerboard sessions
  • Weekly videos
  • ‘Explainer’ videos

Goals of this plan

  • Primary goal: Smash through those benchmarks!
  • Underlying benefits: Smashing benchmarks and developing board fitness develops many useful traits for a rock climber.
  • Also: Finger strength (particularly in unusual and varied positions not achievable on a fingerboard), recruitment (speed of contraction on holds), core tension and general ‘snappiness’, which is extremely useful for route climbers who often tend towards a slower, more static style.

Ready to smash some benchmarks?

Read more and purchase the plan here.

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