The Magic Number

Jake Bresnehan

When should you change your workout? How often should you change your workout? Have you hit a plateau? How many sessions have you done in the last X weeks? Is your Y really good?

Well, these are all valid and common questions for someone that is super keen to improve as a climber and I think you’ll really benefit from what we have just built in Sequence. 

If you do some quick research you’ll probably land with a rough answer suggesting you should do a workout for around 4-6 weeks. But how many times should you do that workout? And do you have an easy way to track how many times you did that workout? Also, if you are feeling particularly good in an area in your climbing, can you work out why? Well, all of these questions (and more) are why we have built the “Magic Number” slider.

Over the years many people have suggested some guidelines around how many sessions of a workout you should be doing before changing the stimulus. Suggestions vary but as a general rule you are aiming to see adaptions from your workout in 10-15 sessions within a short period of time (4-6 week). So the magic number you are aiming for is 10-15 within 4-6 weeks.

The thing to keep in mind with the “Magic Number” is that each workout will have a different stimulus so you will need to take this into account. Let's take a fingerboard workout as an example. If you do 12 sessions in 4 weeks (3 per week), I’m 90% confident to say you will notice some change. We often get distracted by the minuscule details and don’t focus on ticking the big simple picture first. If you nail the amount of sessions you do (consistency) then you can focus on the minuscule details.

To close out, this “Magic Number” slider can be seen on viewing each individual workout. Imagine if you were able to see a breakdown of all the workouts in one single view…. Hang tight 😉