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Jake Bresnehan
Jake Bresnehan
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As athletes we have various strengths and weaknesses and building a way to track every use case is extremely difficult but one feature we feel ticks most of the boxes are workout measures.

Within Sequence we have developed the ability for you to create an infinite number of tracking measurements on any workout that can give you feedback as your training evolves.

Some examples:

  • Weighted Pull-up
  • Deadlift weight
  • Number of moves
  • Number of V grade Moonboard Benchmarks
  • Recovery exercises - e.g. Weighted Wrist Curls
  • Edge hang time
  • Basically anything 🎉

This is a simple feature that brings lots of flexibility and power to the platform.

For each workout measure a simple line graph is outputted within the metrics view. Simple, effective and powerful. No more guesswork!

We have been using workout measures for over 6 months now and couldn't think of training without them. I feel you will also agree once you start using them.

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