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Introducing Widgets

Jake Bresnehan
Jake Bresnehan
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Since the first introduction of workout measures within Sequence we received some invaluable feedback on ways to take them to the next level. For those that are unfamiliar with workout measures, workout measures give you the ability to create an infinite number of trackable measurements on a workout. This in its own right is completely awesome but instead of just implementing the feedback we decided to take a new direction and develop a new feature that I think you’ll absolutely dig. Widgets.

What is a widget?

A widget is extra functionality connected to a workout. A widget can be anything. Think Moonboard widget, Timer widget, Garmin widget, Measurements widget, Logbook widget, Stoked App widget, etc.

Each of these widgets can provide additional unique functionality to Sequence.

Widgets can be added to a workout and you can have an infinite number of widgets on a workout.

Another way of thinking about widgets is like an integration. We have now built in the ability to integrate with anything and use that in some way within Sequence.

At present we have only developed two widgets (measurements and sliders) but have done an extreme amount of work under the hood to allow us to expand and develop new widgets as time permits. We have a few priority widgets we are keen to work on but if you have ideas please don’t be shy. We are always open to ideas!

A note about workout measures

For those that use workout measures there will be a little change to how things work in the coming days. Measures have been converted to a widget. Measures can now be shared across workouts. We have also added the ability to track sets and reps. You’ll be able to see a breakdown of previous measurements when completing a workout and the dedicated measures graphs now breakdown that data down more intuitively.

widget graph

For those that have been keeping a close eye on things you may have noticed we have been a bit quiet… We have been busy.

In the coming days we will be rolling out the new widgets feature and providing more insight into how to use it and the power it unlocks for Sequence.

Hang tight!

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